Watch as We Reveal How To Create
Interactive & Better Divi Websites!

Sliders normally are considered only to create a slideshows.
But we have changed this now with our powerfull Anything Slider Plugin.
You are not limited to create sliders only, you can go way beyond that.

Watch the overview by Andrew Palmer from Elegant Marketplace!

The Core Features You Will Love…

This is not an ordinary slider plugin. This is a beast of all of them. Feel some power by exploring the core features.

Slide Anything. No Kidding!

With Anything Slider you can literally slide anything as the name suggest. Use almost any Divi built-in modules in slides or 3rd party modules ( unless there’s a conflict ) you may have. No limit at all!

Custom Animations.

You just don’t have to slide. With Anything Slider you will be able to Fade, Bounce, Flip, Rotate, Zoom and so on… We have integrated the great “animate.css” library which opens tons of great animation effects which you may set on slideIn and slideOut. The possibilities are endless on how you get creative with the combination of different slideIn and slideOut animations.

Built-in Custom Controls

We have integrated different built-in controls to control your slider/interactive section. There are 3 different controls right now Next/Previous, Dots & Nav Menu. And these controls are fully customizable on how they look and you can even position them as you need. So now all your sliders won’t look the same you can brand it as per your need. Crazy Customization options.

New (v1.2):  Added Built-in Nav Menu Control.

Make Carousels Too

As you have been warned this is not an ordinary slider plugin, it also allows you to create carousels and not only that it also has responsive settings to make it a breeze for you. So with this feature you won’t need extra plugins to create Testimonial Carousel, Team Carousel, Service or features Carousel, just to name a few. Possibilities are Endless!

New (v1.2): Allow center slide Highlight in carousel mode. 


Link Slides. #URL

This is another great feature we have. Your slides now can be linked and you can direct the user to a particular slide with the #url which you can assign to anything like button, image, text, whatever. This also enables possibilities to make an interactive slider or content section where you link a button in 1 slide to another. Got the Idea?

New (v1.2):  Now support custom IDs, you can also disable IDs.

Custom Menu Module

This tiny module allows you to create custom menu / navigation which can control your slides. This is extra amazing feature which allows you to create interactive content section using slider. You can create Tabs (Horiziontal, Vertical), Make anything filterable just like filterable portfolio, Pricing Toggle ( Monthly / Yearly ), Make Grid View / List View Filter. Really you can create what you can imagine ( & can create within Divi  ) now.

New (v1.2):  


Pricing Toggle

Interactive CTA

Filterable Products


Vcard Mini Website

Plus a lot more possibilities!

The above mentioned use cases are just to give an idea, this is not the end.
Using anything slider plugin you can create a lot more creative stuff.

How it Works? It’s simple…

You will create your slides as normal Divi Sections and simply use them as slides.

Step 1

Just create your slides as sections on a test page and save each section to divi library.

Step 2

Add the module “Anything Slider” on the page and pick your saved layouts as each slide.

Step 3

Make desired customizations like controls customizations, set animations, etc. You’r Done!

Get Anything Slider Now!

You must have understood how powerful this Divi add-on is,
and you can use it to create different interactive content section,
not just sliders. Grab your copy now.

Single Site


Use on one Website

Create Unlimited Creative Content

Access to Starter Kit Library

Detailed Documentation

1 Year of Updates & Support

Five Sites


Use on 5 Websites

Create Unlimited Creative Content

Access to Starter Kit Library

Detailed Documentation

1 Year of Updates & Support

Unlimited Sites


Use on unlimited Website

Create Unlimited Creative Content

Access to Starter Kit Library

Detailed Documentation

1 Year of Updates & Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Got some question? Check here first or contact us.


Does it work with both Divi & Extra?

Yes! This is a Divi builder module thus this work with Divi theme, Extra Theme & Divi builder plugin as well.


Are there any limitations?

Depends! you are free to use it on the number of Divi websites (depends on the plan you have purchased ) either it’s yours or clients.


Does it work with Divi visual builder?

Partial! as like any other 3rd party module this is also not currently compatible with the visual / front-end builder. But you may be able to create slides in visual builder.


Is there a discount on renewals

YES! straight 50% discount on renewals.


What is your refund policy.

This product is being sold over exclusively at Elegant Marketplace and thus refund and payments all handle by the marketplace and there refund policy clearly says:

Due to the nature of Digital Downloads. Refunds are completely at our discretion.”


Will it slow down my website?

NO! This module is well coded and is using only two CSS and one js file, thus it should not affect your website speed.


How easy is it to use?

Very Easy! If you can create some thing on a page using Divi, you can use it easily.


What about support & documentation?

We got you covered for 1 year of support with every purchase and have detailed documentation as well.

Got a question or need help?

Contact us with any question you have or need further help 7 support.