Slide Anything. See it!

You can see in the following demo slider each slide is a different layout / structure created using different divi modules. This is just a very limited demo, you can create what you can image and can create in divi section.

Controls Styling & Slide Animations!

Here are just a few of different positions and styling for slider controls ( next/previous & dots ) you can style the next previous like any divi button (all the buttons options applied ) and for dot navigation you can adjust the dot size and color. You can also position both on different places like you can see in the demos bellow. We also have tons of slideIn & SlideOut animations some of them applied bellow. Possibilities are really endless.

Custom Menu Control

Bundled with the plugin we have a custom menu control which opens up even more power and possibilities on how you can use this amazing divi module. Here is an idea / demo bellow to create a mini website which will not refresh the pages but just load in place. How cool is that?

Pricing Table Toggle

If you need to present pricing of your product/services for different conditions like the most common Monthly & Yearly plans? You might have used a special plugin for that in the past but not anymore. This can be easily achieved via this awesome divi module. And that also not limited to just the demo bellow.

Tab Anything.

Did you ever realized that Divi’s default Tabs modules is very limited? Now you are free to create tabs as you can imagine. Make it Horizontal or vertical and even control where you put the tab’s menu ( top, bottom, left, right, so on..). Using the menu control bundled with this plugin you can create awesome tabs and can put different divi modules within tabs. Amazing?

Filter Anything

Now you are not limited to just filterable portfolio module in Divi. Now you can create a similar filterable effect on anything like products, posts, galleries, etc. Check out a couple of ideas bellow.

Filterable products.

Filterable gallery.

How about a cool CTA / Email Optin?

Another use case to demonstrate the power this one plugin adds to your website. See these cool CTAs / Email option done easily with this Anything Slider plugin.

How about a Vcard Mini Website

Now you can create vcard style mini websites in divi using Anything Slider Plugin.

Plus a lot more possibilities!

The above mentioned use cases are just to give an idea, this is not the end.
Using anything slider plugin you can create a lot more creative stuff.