How to Install the plugin

Once you purchased you will provided a zip folder which you need to extract / unzip and there you will will have (along with other files) another zip folder which is named “”. This is the plugin folder which you need to upload to plugins > add new screen. Once installed simply activate it.

Anything Slider plugin overview

This plugins comes with 2 modules:

1. Anything Slider Module

2. AS Menu Module


Slider module as the name suggest is the module which you will use to create your sliders, content sections, etc.


And the Menu module is creatively developed menu control for sliders. You willl be able to create custom menu, tabs, filters using this menu and can link each menu item to a specific slide.

Anything Slider Module

Using this module you will create your sliders, filterable, carousels, tabs, anything creative.

Let’s review the options it has. Click on each tab bellow to review specific option set details.

Anything Slider Module Settings

AS Menu Module

This is the menu module bundled with the plugin to control the slides using a menu to help you create filters, tabs, etc.

Let’s review the options it has. Click on each tab bellow to review specific option set details.

AS Menu Module Settings

How to get started ? / How to use it ?

You must be thinking that using this plugin would be really complex or there be lot of stuff to learn to create awesome interactive content like in the demo. But the truth is there is near to zero learning curve. This is really easy to use and yet flexible enough to build / create unique and great stuff.

There are 2 ways to gets started, you may start from scratch or you can get started by using a starter kit layout which we have created for you to get started with what you want even quicker. You may review the growing starter kit library here.

Option 1: Get started from scratch

Option 1 – How to get started from scratch

Option 2: Get started using Starter Kit.

To help you get started we have also put together a Starter Kit library which has bunch of pre-made sample starter layouts for different purposes, like tabs, slider, filterable, carousels, etc. This will be a growing library and not only limited to the current layouts. We will also be introducing Layout Packs in coming days which will be pre-made actual layouts for different proposes and use cases.

Note: The steps below are our structures in a way to make it easier for newbies, however you can work out your ways as you like.

Option 2 – How to get started using starter kit

More Tutorials

This will be a growing list of tutorials we will keep adding based on the requests from all of you.

How to link menu to slide.