Divi Cascading Multi-Image

(100% Divi Visual Builder Compatible)

This is a creative module for divi which you can use to place & position multiple images and/or icons in a single divi column. You will be able to apply transform to your images and can creative some really cool creative design elements directly on your page using the Divi Visual builder, which otherwise could only be possible with some design software like photoshop, sketch, etc.You can use it to display your portfolio, images, etc.

Apply Perspective

Now you can apply perspective to your images directly in the Divi Visual Builder, eliminate design tools to do this.

Bring to Front

There is also a feature you can enable to bring images to front on hover, now no image will left behind & unseen.

Cascade Multiple Images Easily

As it is a divi multi image module, you can add and position multiple images in a single column as easily as dragging a slider control. Simply add an image, adjust width and position it. Done.

Showcace your Design/Work with perspective

You can use this module in a full width row to showcase
your work in a creative perspective way.

Cascade Divi Icons easily

This module allow you to add icons as well and position them as you wish, so that you can create some creative stuff like this demo.

Create creative Image galleries are possible now without custom coding.

You could create really creative image galleries using this module. Forget those simple grid and slider galleries, be creative and paint your image galleries on the canvas as you wish. Enable Lightbox if you wish. For the mobile view, you can enable Grid feature if you wish.

Create Product Mockups Directly in Divi

No need to photoshop your product mockup first because with this module you can simply add your product images and puzzle your mockup with positioning and transform options the way you like. Even make it interactive on hover.

Divi Cascading Multi-Image