Plugin Install Instructions

To install the plugin, please head over to your WordPress website’s backend and go to Plugins > Add New and than click on the “Upload Plugin” Button.

Now Click on “Choose File” Button and select the plugin’s zip file (which you have downloaded from EMP when you bought the plugin ) and then click on Install Now button there. Done. Now you will see a new Module in Divi builder named “Before After Image Slider

Also make sure you enter your license key as demonstrated in the video to receive updates.

Module Options

Before After Slider module comes with a bunch of customization options which you may see below in screenshot images. All options are self-explanatory and should be easy to recognize.

Content Option

Design Option

Advanced Option

Layout Install Instructions

Here are the instructions for the freebie layout which you get with this plugin. You can View Demo Here and may Download Here. Once downloaded you will get a zip file which you need to unzip first and you will find a json file inside named “One-Page-Profile-Layout-By-Cakewp.json” which is the layout file, you need to import it in the Divi > library the same way you import any divi layout. This will add 3 new items in your Divi Library as follows: 1st one in the above screenshot is the one-page layout which you need to add/load to any page you like.The other 3 are row layouts and they have been injected in the Tabs module in the main layout. Further explanation on this is bit bellow.

You will also find another file inside the zip named “custom_style.css” which is custom CSS code file, open this in any text editor and copy all code from this and put it in your child theme CSS file, or in Divi > Theme Options > Custom CSS box or any other way you like. Now there are 2 more steps in order to make the nice Projects Tabs Section work, which showcase the projects nicely using our Divi Before After Image Slider Module in tabs. As above explained when you import the layout there are 3 additional row layouts imported besides the Main layout, these 3 layouts are created to make each Tab content on the main layout which you can see in following screenshot.

This content highlighted with red is basically each row layout i mentioned above. And we inserted each
layout in each Tab using a short code. Now you need to do 2 things to make it fully work.

2 More Steps to complete layout installation

Copy following JQuery code and paste it in Divi > Theme Options > Integration > in the box titled “Add code
to the < head > of your blog“


Now you need to put this PHP code in your child theme’s functions.php file at the bottom before closing php
tag (if any)