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We are currently Beta Testing the service. If you find any issue please report it.

This site offers you to create a WordPress sandbox site free which will be created instantly and will bundle the Divi theme. So you can play around with all divi quickly without installing it on your own local host or your server just to play with it.

This can benefit you in multiple ways, let us try to mention some major scenarios:

  • Are you new to Divi Theme? Wanna try it out it’s power before you purchase it? Launch your free demo site and play with divion a test site which setup quickly in 2-3 steps.
  • A new udpate to Divi has just been released? Wanna try it out before you update on a live site? Try it here.
  • Test out the 3rd party Divi modules and plugins. ( We will add modules soon)
  • Try out the Divi Layouts, you will get pre-populated ( growing ) Divi Library with your demo site & you can definitely import a layout yourself to test it out.
  • Found a good Divi Tutorial? Wanna practice what you learnt? Just do it on a test site.
  • Designed a Divi Layout? Test drive it on a test site to see if everything imports perfect and works well before you release it.
  • Wanna Record a Screencast Tutorial on Divi? Just do it with a test site.

Ahh.. That is bunch of usefulness we thought of, and we are sure there are many more use cases, so you should bookmark this site to use when in need 🙂

Note: The demo site will only last for a limited time which will be mentioned to you upfront, and will be deleted automatically.

We are currently Beta Testing the service. If you find any issue please report it.

CakeWP Free Divi Layouts

We have a nice collection of free Divi layouts which you may use on your or client's project free.

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