Multiple Slide Types

Anything Slider lets you choose a saved divi layout as a slide or you can create a quick content slide by choosing custom content slide type.

Layout Slide

Layout slide will let you choose any save divi layout from the divi library, and you can use any divi modules (unless there is a conflict) in your divi layouts. So this makes Anything Slider super powerful to slide any content.

Custom Content

If you have basic slider need, you do not have to create a layouts for that. Simply choose the Custom Content as your slide type and you will be able to create basic sliders directly. 

CPT Slider Module

Besides Anything Slider Module, Anything Slider plugin also includes a CPT slider module which is really powerful in itself. This module lets you slide any custom post types content with your designed item layout. The possibilities here are endless, design a layout with either CPT elements module (also included) or now with Divi default modules with Dynamic content.

CPT Slider Demo

This demos demonstrates a nice full width slider, fetching blog posts with custom designed layout which has Image on left and content on right. 

CPT Carousel Demo

This is another demo which shoes blog posts carousel with a nice design which has featured image as a background and content with meta bottom aligned.

Video Slider with Lightbox

Creating a video slider in Divi is much easier with Anything Slider now. Simply choose custom content slide type and choose video option. You can either have an embedded video player or choose to open the video in a Lightbox.

Inline Video

If you choose inline video option the video player will get embedded inline simply and user can ply it directly. This works good if you have a full with video slider.

Enable Popup

If you are creating a video carousel with multiple items per view, inline video player may get messy. For that usecase we have included lightbox option in Anything Slider, you can simply enable lightbox option and the video will get played in a lightbox. 

Next Prev Control

Anything Slider has two types of next/previous controls. You can have Divi buttons as next/previous controls and customize the buttons as you do for a normal divi button. Or you can simply go fo custom arrow buttons.

Divi Button

This will let you make use of button styling for your next previous controls. This option will also let you add text for the next/previous control.

Custom Arrow

If you simply need arrows, choose this option for your next/previous control and then choose from a list of arrow icons.

Multiple Pagination Controls

Anything Slider plugin for Divi is well equipped with multiple types of pagination controls to choose from. You are not limited to just the dot controls.


This shows the small dots as your pagination control. 

Progress Bar

This shows a progress bar as the pagination control.



This shows the slide number out of total slides.

Built-In Nav Menu & As Menu Module

Anything Slider is beyond just creating a slider, you can use it in many different ways to create interactive content in your divi website. And this module and control is the main reason for that.

As Menu Module

This is an amazing Menu module (bundled with the plugin) to setup your slide controller outside the slider. The power is that it can be places anywhere on the page and can control the slides. It works and customizes like a menu module (but with more styling options)  

Built-In Nav Menu

Built-in Nav menu control can be enabled within Anything Slider module. This functions almost similar to the AS Menu module but can be positioned only to the top and bottom of the slider for now.

Slide Transition

Anything Slider gives you much control on how the slide changes.

Transition Effect

It has multiple transition effects to choose from.


You can also enable autoplay option to let the slider automatically slide.

Slide Change Duration

You can even adjust the slide change delay timing.

Carousel Mode

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Number of Slide

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Center Active Slide

This option let you center the active slide to make it a nice effect. It is pretty useful in some use cases.

Other Setting

There are a bunch more settings and configuration options in Anything Slider, and we keep adding these based on the user feedback.

Slider Direction

You can have a vertical slider or horizontal with Anything Slider divi plugin.

Free Mode

This is a nice option which lets the slider move freely and not slide by slide.

URL Hash

This option make the slider work with AS Menu module, and also useful if you need a way to direct link a particular slide loaded via url.