Impressive Youtube Playlist Galleries

Easily embed any youtube playlist in Divi website using Divi Tube module. You do not have to add your videos one by one now. Just create a playlist on your youtube account and embed all those videos by just passing the playlist url in Divi Tube module.  

Add on website once! Add,Remove videos via Youtube!

The Core Features You Will Love…

Playlists were never so easy to embed and style in Divi as it is now. 

Show Playlist Videos in Grid

With Divi Tube, you can display your playlist videos as a Grid. You can adjust the number of columns and toggle video title & description. There are bunch of styling options to customize the look of your video grid.

Show Playlist Videos in List

With Divi Tube, you can display any youtube playlist videos a nice single column list. Enable the Title & Description and can csutomize the style as you like.

Show Playlist Videos in Slider

You can also display any Youtube playlist as a video slider easily with Divi Tube. There are a bunch of configuration options for the slider functionality. Then there are many styling options as well to customize the look of the slider & videos.

Show Your Channel Header

Besides displaying your youtube playlist videos nicely, Divi Tube also allows you to display your channel header easily. Simply enter the channel URL and it will fetch & display the channel details nicely. 

Three Options for Video Playback

Divi Tube let you choose the way a user can ply the videos. There are currently three options for that as follows.

Play Inline

With this option the video cover image will be replaced with a video player and the user can play the video inline. There will also be a close button to close it.

Play in Popup

With this option the video will get played in a Lightbox / popup. You also get option to enable Video Title & Description in the popup.

Link to Youtube

With this option the video cover image will be linked to youtube. The user will be redirected to the youtube site to watch the video.

How it Works? It’s simple…

This is the easiest way to embed Youtube Playlist Videos in Divi.

Step 1

Add Divi Tube module on a page and enter your Youtube API Token. Instructions Here.

Step 2

Enter any Youtube playlist URL in the Playlist link option.

Step 3

Make desired customizations like layout,  Style customizations, etc. You’r Done!

Get Divi tube Now!

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Unlimited Sites


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Frequently Asked Questions

Got some question? Check here first or contact us.


Does it work with both Divi & Extra?

Yes! This is a Divi builder module thus this work with Divi theme, Extra Theme & Divi builder plugin as well.


Are there any limitations?

NO! You can use the plugin on unlimited websites.

Does it work with Divi visual builder?

Yes! It is compatible with the Divi visual / front-end builder. 


Is there a discount on renewals

YES! straight 50% discount on renewals.

What is your refund policy.

This product is being sold over exclusively at Elegant Marketplace and thus refund and payments all handle by the marketplace and there refund policy clearly says:

Due to the nature of Digital Downloads. Refunds are completely at our discretion.”


Will it slow down my website?

NO! This module is well coded and is using a couple of CSS and JS files, thus it should not affect your website speed.


How easy is it to use?

Super Easy! If you can create some thing on a page using Divi, you can use it easily.


What about support & documentation?

We got you covered for 1 year of support with every purchase and have detailed documentation as well.

Got a question or need help?

Contact us with any question you have or need further help 7 support.