Plugin Instruction

This is a really simple module with simple options and almost all options are self explanatory.

Content Settings

Image URL – Here you upload your image.

Link – Optional if you wish to link the image to somewhere.

URL Opens – Set how you wish to open the linked url above.

Admin Label – Just for your own purpose at the backend

Design Settings

Hover Scroll Speed – Here you may adjust the speed of scroll when you mouse hover on the image, only put number here the less the number the fastest the speed will be. 

Border Controls – You may also use borders and style them using the border controls here.

Height – Here you may adjust the image’s visible container height, the rest of the image will be hidden and will scroll on hover.

Custom Margin – You may adjust margins here if you wish

Advanced Settings

These are the default Divi’s advance setting options. Here you may assign an ID or a class to the module or add custom CSS as well. Than you may also set the entarance animation and visibility options here. Everything is pretty default to Divi, nothing extra.